Hydro demolition


Handheld Lancing, No damage to the re bar


Trickier conditions (left). Hydro demolition, to discover condition of Bridge Beams Reinforcement (right)


Exposing Bridge bearings for removal

Hydroclean Ltd is a Northern Ireland based company
We have the experience, skill, ingenuity, team and equipment to provide you with a cost effective solution for all your Hydrodemolition needs.

Hydrodemolition is now recognized by structural engineers and consultants as the safest, most effective, vibration free method of concrete removal. The remaining structure suffers no cracking and reinforcing steel is left undamaged and the remaining concrete retains its original integrity.

Technical Advantages

  • Does not cause micro cracks in the structure.
  • Does not damage reinforcing steel or cause loosening within the structure.
  • Reinforcing steel is cleaned by the action of the HP water.
  • Superior surface is created for bond with new concrete or coating in comparison with conventional methods.
  • Water Jetting removes chlorides and other non visible contamination.
  • Selective removal is only achieved by using Hydrodemolition, ensuring all damaged concrete is removed whilst sound material remaining.

Financial Benefits

Hydrodemolition is often faster than conventional jack hammering thus resulting in shorter possession times and reduced traffic disruption on structures such as bridges, roads, airports and railways. Hydrodemolition can offer financial savings compared to the alternatives.

A Few Past Projects

  • Belfast Harbour Oil berth 3 and Oil berth 2 Northern Ireland
  • Barbados Harbour
  • Ferrycarrig Bridge Co. Wexford Ireland.
  • New Belfast sewer Tunnel and pumping station.
  • Greystones Harbour county Wicklow.
  • Bridge repairs on M1 , M2 and Belfast Westlink. Northern Ireland.